Children may present differently when they have been bereaved and how they cope will very much depend upon their age and level of understanding. They may have difficulties sleeping, show increased anxiety or feel indifferent about their lives.

Younger children may seem to move in and out of their grief very easily, being sad for short periods of time before continuing with usual activities seemingly unaffected. This animation from Child Bereavement UK explains this: Watch Now

Older children may seem to hide their feelings away and may feel embarrassed or angry if this slips and they get upset.

How to support a grieving child

Children benefit most from having opportunities to talk about their grief, death and the person they have lost. You can support them by giving them space to do this and providing honest answers to any questions they have. If children need additional support, we have therapists trained to work with children and young people in a safe and welcoming environment. We can also offer sessions for parents and wider family members on understanding the impact of grief on children and responding to this.

Other Common Reactions to Bereavement

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